Girls Softball Gearing up for 2010

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Opening day is right around the corner for the hardcore softball girls over at TVGSA – Temecula Valley Girls Softball Association. This is the first season SoCal Impressions has outfitted the entire league and we can’t wait to see them sporting our gear. The league is all ages and is an amazing organization for young girls to get involved  If you make it to the games make sure to check out the slick new uniforms and spiritwear league wide!

Good Luck Girls – Play Hard this Season!

Should Your Business Invest in Company Apparel?

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Are you a small business owner weighing the pros and cons of investing in custom company apparel for yourself and your employees? Having branded apparel can be a great advertising tool, but you first need to make sure it is appropriate for your business. You may also be contemplating what type of apparel to get and wondering if any of it will fit within your budget.

If the people involved in your business are out in public on a normal basis, custom corporate apparel is a must. For example, a landscaping business has workers outside houses and businesses as they trim plants and mow grass. People will be driving and walking by as they landscape. If each employee was wearing a company t-shirt with a large logo they would be improving their brand awareness.

Now that you’ve determined that custom company apparel is necessary to your business, what type of clothing should you get? It depends on the type of work your employees are doing. The landscaping business would want screen printed t-shirts that can get dirty and easily be washed. If the landscaping company is in a cold area screen printed sweatshirts are perfect. Say you have sales representatives in the field, embroidered polos are a professional solution that still gets your brand image across. Embroidered hats, with the company logo across the front, are easily noticed when doing errands around town. All these products can be a huge help in your marketing effort. This one time purchase has countless impressions when worn consistently by the people involved in your business.

SoCal Impressions can help you with any of theses projects. We design and create company apparel in the Temecula and Murrieta area.  We can also help businesses throughout Southern California.

temecula corporate apparel

Charge the New Year

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Wow, it is already a month into 2010! Man are we chargin’ it up around here. The New Year reset button has been pushed. Now it is time to kick it into high gear – because we want this year to be full of accomplishments.

SoCal Impressions has always been proud of its’ out of the box thinking and designs. Our goal is to push the envelope one more time. We want to wow you with modern, edgy, and creative designs that could easily be hung up in a retail store.

Every person that walks through our doors – School Boosters, Sports League Directors, Business Owners etc. – deserves a jolt of fun and creativity. We love what we do & are excited to charge this New Year full of inspiration!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Matsiko Children’s Choir is in Town!

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Matsiko Children’s Choir from Uganda Africa is touring the United States and has recently settled in Murrieta with their friendly hosts – Lisa J. Mails Elementary & Dorthy Mcelhinney Middle School.

The children are sponsored by the International Children’s Network, which runs on donations from individuals. The kids are performing throughout the country and live with host families in each town they visit.

This is an amazing organization and SoCal Impressions was excited to donate 100 shirts to the group. Matsiko Children’s Choir will be performing in Murrieta & Temecula multiple times within the next two weeks. So check out the Matsiko Website for performance times and the opportunity to donate to the program.


Rockin’ the School Spiritwear & PE Uniforms

•September 25, 2009 • 2 Comments

Venturing in to School Spiritwear & P.E. Uniforms has been so much fun. These teachers and staff members are so kind hearted and want to give their students an extra edge. They ask for fun and modern designs that their kids will be proud to where even off campus – and we are happy to deliver that!

Dorothy Mcelhinney Middle School has been a pleasure to work with & we already see kids about town sporting your gear!

School Spiritwear & PE Uniforms

Shop Mascot Turns 12 !

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Happy 12th Birthday KYLE !

We miss you over here at SoCal Impressions… Come back to California because we need our Shop Mascot back!

Have an amazing birthday and may all your wishes come true!


HEAT WAVE – Record Breaking 99 Degrees

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News report in – it officially hit 99 degrees in the warehouse….That’s a NEW SHOP RECORD!


Chris Wins the ITP Quad 6-Hour Endurance Race!

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Congratulations Chris Wielogorski on winning the 4th Annual ITP Quad 6-Hour Endurance Race!

“Chris was racing in his second ITP 6 Hour and his first time in the Ironman. Chowing down bananas and a couple of mouthfuls of spaghetti he was good to go. Experiencing no major issues until the last lap when his chain broke and he had to use his impound Quad, he dodged that bullet by making a quick change and onward to the checkered flag for the win. He would like to thank DH Graphics, SoCal Impressions, MX Goggles, God, Mom and all his supporters.” – San Diego Off Road Magazine

SoCal Impressions is a proud sponsor of Chris.

Keep Racing Hard Kid!


Don’t Open the Fridge!

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When you can no longer fit your sack lunch in the company fridge… there is bound to be a jungle of nasty accumulating back there.

Being located near Temecula we believe that wine isn’t the only thing that needs to be aged – Lisa’s famous Meatloaf also needs significant time to ferment!

Say 2 months nestled in the depths of our fridge Ahhhh….