Lovin’ the Summer of Sports Leagues

We’ve been having such a blast this summer with all of the Sports Leagues – Soccer, Softball & Volleyball. Those little 5yr old soccer kids swarm the ball like bees on a honeycomb – so cute! Not to mention those 10yr old Softball Girls who are more hardcore than the pros.

It is so much fun to design for these kids & parents because they want “out of the box” designs. We’ve been outfitting the leagues with stellar Uniforms & custom Spiritwear packages this season. From Practice Shirts & Personalized Uniforms to Water bottles, Hats & Seat Cushions.

You can also spot SoCal Impressions at some of the tournaments. We set up a booth near the field and hope the Snow Cone guy is in the booth next to us – yummy! We sell custom event shirts, sweatshirts & other accessories that are sport specific.

We can’t believe it is already August and the summer season is winding down. But, the fall season is about to come running around the corner. We can’t wait – it’s gonna be bigger and better than ever !

MVGSA "District Champions"

MVGSA "District Champions"

Sponsored Volleyball Team

Sponsored Fun Day - FC Murrieta Soccer

~ by socalimpressions on August 11, 2009.

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