HEAT WAVE – Record Breaking 99 Degrees

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News report in – it officially hit 99 degrees in the warehouse….That’s a NEW SHOP RECORD!


Chris Wins the ITP Quad 6-Hour Endurance Race!

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Congratulations Chris Wielogorski on winning the 4th Annual ITP Quad 6-Hour Endurance Race!

“Chris was racing in his second ITP 6 Hour and his first time in the Ironman. Chowing down bananas and a couple of mouthfuls of spaghetti he was good to go. Experiencing no major issues until the last lap when his chain broke and he had to use his impound Quad, he dodged that bullet by making a quick change and onward to the checkered flag for the win. He would like to thank DH Graphics, SoCal Impressions, MX Goggles, God, Mom and all his supporters.” – San Diego Off Road Magazine

SoCal Impressions is a proud sponsor of Chris.

Keep Racing Hard Kid!


Don’t Open the Fridge!

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When you can no longer fit your sack lunch in the company fridge… there is bound to be a jungle of nasty accumulating back there.

Being located near Temecula we believe that wine isn’t the only thing that needs to be aged – Lisa’s famous Meatloaf also needs significant time to ferment!

Say 2 months nestled in the depths of our fridge Ahhhh….


Lovin’ the Summer of Sports Leagues

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We’ve been having such a blast this summer with all of the Sports Leagues – Soccer, Softball & Volleyball. Those little 5yr old soccer kids swarm the ball like bees on a honeycomb – so cute! Not to mention those 10yr old Softball Girls who are more hardcore than the pros.

It is so much fun to design for these kids & parents because they want “out of the box” designs. We’ve been outfitting the leagues with stellar Uniforms & custom Spiritwear packages this season. From Practice Shirts & Personalized Uniforms to Water bottles, Hats & Seat Cushions.

You can also spot SoCal Impressions at some of the tournaments. We set up a booth near the field and hope the Snow Cone guy is in the booth next to us – yummy! We sell custom event shirts, sweatshirts & other accessories that are sport specific.

We can’t believe it is already August and the summer season is winding down. But, the fall season is about to come running around the corner. We can’t wait – it’s gonna be bigger and better than ever !

MVGSA "District Champions"

MVGSA "District Champions"

Sponsored Volleyball Team

Sponsored Fun Day - FC Murrieta Soccer

We’ve surfaced from under our SoCal Rock!!

•June 22, 2009 • 1 Comment

Hello World! 

SoCal Impressions is finally making its grand appearance on the web & we are so happy you could share it with us! We are a local Screen Printing & Embroidery shop nestled in friendly Murrieta.

Dan & Lisa Renaldo launched the SoCal Impressions business back in 2005 and now we’ve been busier than ever from our client referrals. Thanks for always talking us up gang! Dan comes from 15 years of screen printing industry experience down in San Diego. He loves pouring his knowledge and skill into his own shop and customers. His wife Lisa is the admin wiz who keeps this place tied together & running like a well-oiled machine – we love you Lisa! 

Our little family here at SoCal Impressions works hard & plays hard.  If you peak into the back you’ll find Steven, Zach and Bobby rocking out to the Beastie Boys as they run the press & pump out awesome shirts!  Dan is constantly running around in 10 different directions, but he always has a big smile on his face & time to switch up the Pandora stations (which Tori & Lisa always change anyways – shhh).

We are stoked to be up on the web & this blog will be our outlet to the world – so check back for news updates, pictures of events & everything SoCal Impressions!